How do I store my polymer clay earrings?

You've done the thing, you've bought the earrings, but now you're not sure how to store them! I've listed a few of my favorite options down below. If you have another way you love - I would love to hear about it! Reach out to me here.

All Hung Up Jewelry Organizer, $38.99

I love this organizer because it looks nice and holds more than just earrings, too! It's also from a mother-daughter owned small business (which I LOVE!) I love having this on top of my dresser because I can see my favorites at a glance. Buy yours here.

MISSLO Hanging Jewelry Organizer, $10.99

Serious collector? Limited on space? These MISSLO Organizers might be just what you're looking for! Tina at That Lobe Life uses these to keep her earrings organized and tidy, and they clear windows make it super simple to see what's inside. Buy yours here.

Clothing Rack Earring Hanger, $45.00

Honestly one of the funnest (yeah, I said it) ways to store your earrings! I love my Kikay rack. The one I have above is their original design (they started it all) and it's evolved to a tweaked design with extra holes for your stud earrings, too! Grab yours here.

Your Shipping Box, $0


Kind of joking, kind of not. While you're waiting for one of the above options to show up, in case of travel, or even just because - you can totally store your earrings in the box they are shipped in.

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