About Hello Cheeseburger

(Image credit: Harper & Colette Photography)

Hi, friends, Jennifer here! I own Hello Cheeseburger and I'll get to the name in a minute. I'm a mama of 3 with an awesome partner living in the KC area with our poodle. I have owned Hello Cheeseburger officially since 2009. I took some time off when I had my kiddos, but I missed creating so here I am. Since I have a day job, Hello Cheeseburger serves as a creative outlet and also a great way to meet people!


While watching a home movie with my partner, we watched as a young Jennifer greeted the camera with "hello, cheeseburger!" That's where the name was born. It's silly but catchy and an instant conversation starter. I started Hello Cheeseburger as a graphic tee line but it has evolved over the years into a jewelry shop and now, more specifically one that specializes in handmade pieces.